Do Not Solicit and Unsubscribed Contact Status

Do Not Solicit is a way to identify a contact that does not want to be marketed to via phone, email, letter, etc..  The Do not solicit feature is used for help with filtering reports, to allow you to make marketing lists that do not include contacts who have requested to not be solicited.

Contacts marked "Do not Solicit" are filtered out of reports by default. This can be toggled by adjusting the report filters.

To view those contacts who have selected "Do Not Solicit" on a Contact report, click the blue Filters button and check the box to "Include Do Not Solicit". 

The Do Not Solicit toggle does not prevent marketing emails from being sent to contacts. To prevent marketing emails from being sent, a contact must also be unsubscribed.

Contacts may unsubscribe from emails by clicking the unsubscribe at the bottom of a marketing email from DonorDock, or you may mark their contact as unsubscribed under contact actions.