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Authenticate your domain

For customers at the Online Giving, Starter or Essentials tier, DonorDock sends all email through a verified domain ( to ensure deliverability. This uses your email as the reply-to email, ensuring you get any replies.

Beginning Fall 2022, domain authentication is available only for organizations that are subscribed in the Professional subscription. Organizations that had completed domain authentication prior to this date will continue to be able to use their verified domains.

Why is Domain Authentication helpful?

Domain authentication allows your organization's emails sent through DonorDock to show directly from your organization's domain. By completing the email set up and authentication, you will show to your donor’s internet service provider that you are a legitimate sender, and helps to ensure your emails arrive in their inbox.

How to Authenticate Your Domain

To connect your domain to DonorDock, we will first need to generate DNS (Domain Name Service) record values for you, specifically CNAME records. You'll then copy and paste the values into your DNS provider's domain manager.

Completing this will help ensure emails sent from DonorDock's email marketing tools from your domain name are delivered correctly. 

Follow the steps to below to complete domain authentication with DonorDock.