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Creating Activities in Bulk Using Reports

You may have situations where you want to add an activity to multiple contacts. You can easily add activities to contacts through our Reporting system and Add menu.    

  1. Click into the Reporting Menu and select Reports

  2. Run a Standard Report or Create a Report.  

  3. Click Add in the top right corner

  4. Choose Add activity

  5. Select your activity type: You can choose from Phone Call, Letter, Meeting, Task, Event Attendance, Volunteer, and Ask.

  6. Input the activity information to include due date and any other specific details you need including hours, date, campaign, appeal, and any other notes.  

  7. If the activity has been completed, make sure it mark it complete during this process.

  8. Click Create and Save.  

You have now successfully tracked this activity to your list of contacts. You can now see view, edit, manage, and run an activity report for your activity.