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DonorDock + Zapier Integration Overview

DonorDock has partnered with Zapier to provide integrations to over 5,000 other cloud apps and services. This means that you can easily connect DonorDock with the other tools that support your organization.

Zapier has free and paid account options available. 

What does Zapier Do?

Zapier allows you to connect DonorDock to other tools you're already using to pass data between tools. 

  • Create new contacts in DonorDock when someone completes a form on your website.

  • Track an event ticket purchase in DonorDock when someone purchases a ticket from you in Eventbrite.

  • Automatically track a gift given on an external donation form into DonorDock. 

  • When a new contact is created in DonorDock, automatically add that contact to an external email tool, like MailChimp or Constant Contact.

  • So much more!

How Zapier Works

Understand the basics of how Zapier works and what it can do for you. 

Zapier allows you to integrate other software tools to DonorDock by allowing you to send data to and from DonorDock to other tools. You can send information between DonorDock and event platforms, email platforms, calendar platforms, form tools, accounting tools, and more. 

to get started, you'll need to create a Zapier account, then link tools to DonorDock by creating "Zaps".

Decide what you want to accomplish by choosing a software to connect to, and choosing a trigger and action. 

1 Choose which software to connect to DonorDock.
See popular tools - browse a list of popular tools for connecting to DonorDock here.  
Search all tools - Search a list of all tools that connect to DonorDock

2. Choose what you want to do with that integration
Choose a trigger and action - See a list of available triggers and actions for DonorDock. 

Understanding Triggers and Actions

Zapier works by utilizing Triggers and Actions.  When you complete a trigger in another software, you can execute an action in DonorDock automatically. Alternatively, when you complete a trigger in DonorDock, you can execute an action in another tool.  

Triggers are specific things you, or someone else does while using a software that is connected to Zapier. For example, when someone fills out a form on your website, that could be a trigger. 

Actions are things you can choose to have occur after a trigger. for instance, after someone fills out a form on your website (trigger), you want to create a new contact for that person in DonorDock (action).