Double the Donation - 360MatchPro Integration Setup

To setup and enable an integration with Double the Donation's 360MatchPro product, follow these steps:  

Login to the 360MatchPro portal, go to Settings and API Keys.

Leave this screen open as you will need the keys for integration setup.  

Return to DonorDock

Navigate to Settings Menu (9 grid in top right of DonorDock)
Select Integrations

In the Apps list, select 360MatchPro by Double the Donation

In the integration setup screen, enter the API keys from step 1

A connection test will be performed, and if the keys have been entered correctly, the test will succeed

If the keys are not correct, the connection test will fail. Please ensure you have the correct keys before saving.  
Once the integration has been enabled, the matching gift company search from 360MatchPro will be shown on your online giving pages. Upon completing the online gift, if the donor has specified their company they will receive information about that company's matching gift programs as shown below.