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Event Tracking in DonorDock

Events are a great way for your nonprofit to make connections with potential donors, share your mission, and meet fundraising goals.

It's important to note that while DonorDock has event tracking capabilities, we are not specifically an event management software and may not be able to track the more minute aspects of your event. If you find you need more specific event management needs, you may want to investigate a specific event tool for managing the event, and then track the event details in DonorDock upon completion of the Event.

Examples of Event specific tools would be OneCause (DonorDock integration available) and Eventbrite.

To Track Events in DonorDock, we offer the following features:

Event Campaign Tracking

Event Campaigns allow you to track Appeals, Pledges, Gifts, and Activities to a specific event/goal for your organization. The Event Campaign would be used for a specific, singular event, such as a Gala. The Campaign may also have several appeals listed underneath, however the Campaign's objective is focused on the specific date of event. An example of an event campaign could be a Gala event, where you might appeal for funds for the Gala in different ways, yet the total campaign is for the entire event.

Event Appeal Tracking

DonorDock also allows Event tracking at the appeal level, for use in the case where you might have an event that is in support of a broader campaign and the event is just a smaller fundraising appeal under the wider campaign umbrella. As a basic rule of thumb when tracking fundraising in DonorDock, Campaigns are what your organization is raising donations for, Appeals are how you are raising donations, and Funds are where those donations are going. Gifts, Pledges, and Activities may be tracked to an appeal.

Event Ticket Gift Tracking

When creating gifts in DonorDock, one gift type accepted is that of the Event Ticket. Event Ticket gifts do not count towards a donor's lifetime giving amount and reflect the amount a donor paid towards the event. DonorDock does not currently track the number of tickets purchased, so the event ticket gift may be entered as total amount received by a donor for an event ticket purchase, or individual event ticket gifts may be entered for each ticket purchased.

Event Attendance Activity Tracking

The Event Attendance activity allows you to keep track of donors and prospects who have attended your events. The activity for event attendance may be applied for either paid or free events and are fully reportable through activity reports in DonorDock. Event Attendance activities may be created manually by adding an activity, added in bulk through reports, or may be imported through the DonorDock import tool.

Simple RSVP Signup Forms

DonorDock's simple and easy to use signup forms may be used to create marketing lists to use as RSVP lists. Signup forms may be embedded into your website, shared via direct link, and linked out in emails sent through DonorDock's marketing tools.

Online Giving Pages that accept Event Ticket Gift Types

For organization's that are connected to Stripe Connect and who utilize DonorDock Giving Pages, you may create giving pages that accept Event Ticket gift. Donations received through an Event Ticket giving page will be automatically tagged as the gift type of Event Ticket. In the choose amounts section of the giving page, you may turn off the custom amount box option, and set up to 10 donation amounts with preset labels to set different ticket prices. Tracking of the giving page may also be set to automatically track to a designated Campaign/Appeal as needed.

Please note that DonorDock Giving Pages are not specifically designed for events and do not include Event Ticket counter, Table Size, Food Choice, optional extra donation, etc.