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DonorDock Country of Support

DonorDock is a US-based company, and we support US-based nonprofits (or nonprofits with a US presence). To sign up for DonorDock, you must: 

  • Be a registered 501(c)(3) (or similar tax-exempt classification) with the United States Internal Revenue Service. 

  • Have a valid and active US bank account. Must be a deposit account (PayPal is not sufficient). 

  • Have a US Government issued Social Security Number for a user that is responsible for the payout of online donations. Learn more about this requirement

  • Have a US-based phone number.

DonorDock Online Giving 

While donors can donate to DonorDock Giving pages from any country in the world, all donations are processed in USD. Additional fees from your financial institution may apply for donations where currency must be exchanged to US dollars.