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Logging an Email sent outside of DonorDock

Creating an email through DonorDock, sends the email at the time of email creation. You also have the option of tracking previously sent emails to a contact record through the "Log Email" Activity.

Fields to select when creating a Log Email Activity:

  • Send to. The contact that the email was sent to.

  • Send from. The sender will default to you as the one creating the activity. If you were not the sender of the email, you may select a different user.

  • Email Subject. The subject of the email.

  • Sent Date. The date that the email was sent to the contact.

  • Completion Note. Any notes you wish to enter about the email that was sent (outside of the body message) as to the completion of the activity.

  • Email Message. Here you may type the body of the email that was sent. Simple text formatting options will be available for use at the top of the message box.

  • Campaign. Campaign (if any) the email activity is associated with.

  • Appeal. Appeal (if any) the email activity is associated with.

Logged email activities can be created manually by adding an activity or may be imported through the import tool.

If you wish to track an email as it's being sent outside of DonorDock, then you may take advantage of our feature.