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Merge Tags Overview 💫

Merge Tags allow you to customize your emails to your donors to be more personalized. 

When setting up a template, it's important to know what information you want in your template and how to incorporate it. You can easily set up an individual or bulk use template by using merge tags and give your donor(s) a more in-depth or personalized transactional or marketing communication.

Merge Tags in DonorDock allow you to easily customize your templates with specific contact or organization data when sending emails or printing labels. When entered in your template, the merge tag will appear as: {{}}. When the template is rendered, the system will replace the merge tag with the contact, gift, or organization information identified.

This allows you to personalize each template when it is used.

Merge Tag Categories


Merge Tag will begin with Donor and will populate data from Contact Record Fields


Merge Tag will begin with Gift and will populate data from Gift Record Fields

Gift Merge Tags are only available for Transactional Templates.


Merge Tag will begin with Organization and will populate data from Organization Settings Fields


Three additional merge tags pull data from alternative sources and are outside of the 3 main categories above.

  • Current Date - Merge Tag populates the current date at the time the template is generated.

  • User Email Signature - Merge Tag generates the specific signature of the team member who is the send from contact when sending an email template. Will not generate on print templates.

  • Unsubscribe Link - A general unsubscribe link that may be inserted on marketing emails where you desire, if different from the automated unsubscribe link at the bottom of marketing emails. Will only generate on bulk marketing emails.