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How to View Pledges in Gift Reports

A pledged gift is a gift that is due at a future time and needs to be tracked.  

 You can now run a Gift Report and filter to a specific campaign, appeal, etc. and the pledged gifts will appear in the gift data.  

  1. Navigate to Reporting at the top of the page 

  2. Select Reports 

  3. Click to +Create to create a new Gift Report 

  4. On the Filter box that has come up, select your date range and any applicable fields (campaigns, appeals, etc) you wish to be included in the report. For the Status line, you may removed the Received status if you only want to view gifts that are in pledged status.

  5. Click Run Report

  6. Once the report is up, click the column icon in the top left to add additional columns

  7. Scroll down and check to add the column for Pledged Amount 

  8. Click Apply 

  9. The report should now have columns for Status of Gift (Pledged or Received), Pledged Amount, and the Date of the gift or pledge in additional to other fields entered.