🎉 Product Updates 🎉

New Features & Enhancements

⭐ Additional Platform Funding option. For for the Online Giving Tier and CRM customers who have signed up for DonorDock after 11/28/2022, an additional Donor Funded Platform option is now available as an alternative to DonorDock TipBack. If you would like to have a flat donor funded platform fee instead of offering Tips to your donors, you may update your preference under your Online Giving Global Configuration. As always, Donor's will still have the option to check off to not cover fee to DonorDock and is not mandatory. If the donor does not cover the fees on the transaction, your organization will only be charged the regular processing fees from stripe and no platform fee from DonorDock will be charged.

⭐ TipBack Widget added to Dashboard. While viewing your Dashboard, you may now see how much money has been reimbursed to your organization with DonorDock TipBack.

⭐ Last Login Date available for Team Members. Administrators managing your team in DonorDock, will now be able to view a new column showing the team members last login date.

⭐ Additional Marketing Emails added to Starter Subscriptions. Organizations currently subscribed to the Starter subscription will now have a monthly allotment of 2,500 emails (up from 1,000).

⭐ New sort option for Contribution Statements. A new sort option has been added to the contribution statement report so you may decide if your statements pull by donor name or by gift date to help with your printing of your contribution statements.

⭐ Adjustment for name used for Contribution Statements. When populating the donor name at the top of the Contribution Statement, the addressee listed for the contact record will now be used first, and if no addressee is listed on the contact record, the name will default to the display name.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Corrected issue with Receipt Sent and Gift status not being updated on update import.

🐜 Fixed bug where merging contacts from a regular list view (not possible duplicates view) was not displaying total and last gift information.

🐛 Fixed issue where printing a receipt on a gift already marked as receipt sent was not generating a second letter activity for the resent receipt.

🐞 Missing Fund Designation option on organization's not connected with Stripe connect, corrected.

🐜 Updated imports so when importing a mix of gifts with different Tribute types to allow a Blank status to read as "False" for tribute.

🐛 Adjusted the send from on Test emails to always show the verified domain of noreply@donordock.com to help ensure deliverability of Test emails.

🐞 Fixed bug where if a Donors first gift was received through PayPal, action board nudge was being created for a second gift notification instead of first.

🐜 Corrected issue where merging two contacts did not carry any attached documents over to the kept contact.

🐛 Fixed issue where updating the donor ID or account number on a change import was not moving a gift record to the new donor ID or account number.

🐞 Corrected bug where excluded badge filters were not saving on custom gift reports.

🐜 Fixed issue where Stripe throwing a null error on the name prevented the gift record from being created in DonorDock.

🐛 Corrected bug with date being shown offset when viewing the list view for future scheduled emails. Also added the time and time zone the scheduled date information.

🐞 Updated capacity on Activity Reports to resolve error of timing out when pulling an activity report for a larger amount of activities.

🐜 Corrected incomplete IIF file issue where all Fund information was not being included in the exported file if the Fund account number was updated after gift creation. (Specific to QuickBooks Desktop Integration)

🐛 Fixed bug where importing Activities was creating duplicate campaigns/appeals.