Release Notes - 03.06.2022

ūüéȬ†¬†New Features/Enhancements
  • New Security Roles For Users:¬†
    • Marketing Role ‚Äď This new role will allow an user access to template management, sign-up forms management, and sending marketing emails, without access to viewing data
    • Non-Interactive Role ‚Äď This new role does not count against user counts and can be used for sending emails or service accounts. This type of user cannot log in to the DonorDock application.
  • Template Improvements: Added¬†Merge tags¬†Donor First Gift Date and Donor First Gift Amount¬†to templates.¬†
  • New Activity Type: option to log a sent text message in DonorDock. This does not send a text, it simply allows the user to log that they sent a text from their own device
  • Added A New Help Center:¬†
    • New Help Widget -¬†in the corner of each page with access to updated articles¬†
    • New Page Guides -¬†Each page now has a help guide next to the title of that page.¬†
    • New DonorDock 101 Checklist¬†- available¬†through the help widget with updated videos
  • Easier Access to Template Manager: Now you can access the template manager from the marketing list dropdown.¬†

¬†ūüźě Bug Fixes¬†
  • Stripe¬†transactions were being recorded twice in DonorDock¬†
  • Sign-up form embed code was adding extra height between form and captcha box
  • Fund selection was not being saved on gifts given through PayPal
  • Templates were not always saving properly
  • Giving Pages configuration errors are now being surfaced
  • Sent marketing emails would not load if the 'send from user' no longer exists
  • Contact search was not working with searches where the search term contained an apostrophe