Product Updates

ūüéȬ†New Features & EnhancementsūüéČ

  • First Gift Anniversary nudge added for available Action Board nudges. This new nudge for the action board allows you to be notified on the anniversary of the Donor's first gift!

  • Action Board nudges will now automatically filter out Deceased contact records. Contacts who have been labeled as Deceased with the Deceased toggle will no longer appear as donor engagement nudges on the action board.

  • Add to Action Board option added to Zapier. Now when setting up integrations with Zapier, an option to create triggers to create actions on your action board is available.

  • Activities may now be updated in bulk. Using our easy to use import tool, Activities may now be bulk updated. All activity reports will include a hidden Activity ID column that can be mapped to the Activity ID column on import to ensure the correct activity records are identified and will be updated.

  • New owner email address column added. A new optional column has been added for owner email address. If completing an import update and you need to include changes to the owner of contact records, you will now be able to include this column for the import to match by owner email address as to the team member who owns the record in question.

  • Merge tags entered on the subject line of an email are now testable. When sending a test email, if a merge tag has been used in the subject line of the email, the merge tag will now populate on test emails.

  • Reporting column name change for Average Gift. The column "Average Gift Amount" has been renamed "Lifetime Avg Gift", to help avoid confusion when running gift reports. This field is not affected by the date range listed on a gift report but is the lifetime average for the donor in question.

  • Address information for Gifts made through online giving will update existing records if fields are blank. If an existing contact record gives a gift through your online giving and the donor entered an address on the giving page and has no address on their contact record, the contact record will now be updated with the address used when making the gift. If the contact already has an address in DonorDock, the address will NOT be updated. This update is to help assist with gathering correct address information in the cases where you do not have an address for the Donor.

¬†ūüźě Bug Fixes ūüźě

  • Column formatting is no longer lost when loading a saved report