Product Updates

ūüéȬ†New Features & EnhancementsūüéČ

  • Social media options available for Contact records. When adding/editing contact records, 4 new fields are available for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • Grant added to available Campaign Types. To help smooth your path when tracking grants, Grants now join the available types for Campaigns.

  • Campaign Activities available when clicking to view a Campaign. From the campaign screen, you may now easily see all Gifts, Appeals, and Activities associated with the Campaign.

  • Additional Bulk Contact Actions Available. When editing your contacts, you may bulk archive, delete, and reactivate contacts. Deletion may only be completed in bulk from contacts that are in archived status.

  • New Organization setting to allow customization of length of time until a contact moves to lapsed status. The default lapsed time for a contact is 24 months without a gift. This may now be updated to a different time frame under Organization Settings as needed.

  • Business Phone Number column available for Gift and Activity Reports.

  • Option to create giving page during appeal removed. Giving pages may now be created only through Online Giving. Appeals and Giving pages are no longer automatically linked. When creating and customizing giving pages, you may select the campaign and appeal the giving page is associated with.

¬†ūüźě Bug Fixes ūüźě

  • Fixed issue where birthday was sometimes showing as the previous day on the action board or in reports.

  • Corrected bug with PayPal recurring gifts not updating in DonorDock at time of recurrence

  • Updated Online Giving set up so that Street Address 1 is now marked as required

  • Fixed issue with pending PayPal Gifts that never completed showing in timeline view

  • Corrected issue when adding a gift with quick add menu from a current gift screen, so screen will direct to new gift after creation