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🎉 Product Updates 🎉

🎉 New Features & Enhancements🎉

  • New Filter option for Action Board Actions. You may now filter which upcoming actions to see on your action board! Using the Due in Next drop down in the Actions section of your Action Board, you may filter the actions you see based on the action due date.

  • Expanded fields for Tribute Gifts. New gift fields have been added, along with corresponding merge tags and report columns, to allow you to more accurate track and classify gifts that were given in honor or memory of someone.

  • Report Column Filter updated. Filtering on report columns is now easier than ever! By clicking the Filter icon on the right of any column, you may quickly and easily filter your reports. You may still customize your columns using the Column icon in the top left of the report, and sort your reports in ascending/descending order by clicking on the column name.

 🐞 Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Corrected issue with archived contacts appearing in possible duplicates view

  • Fixed bug in Template editor where errors in image generation prevented the template from saving