🎉 Product Updates 🎉

New Features & Enhancements

⭐ Response Report for Signup Form. When viewing signup forms on DonorDock, you may click the View Responses link to be directed to a report for all contacts who have responded to the signup form.

⭐ Repeated background image removed from Giving Pages. The transparent background repetition of the featured image has been removed from all giving pages.

⭐ Different Gift Types allowed through Giving Pages. A long awaited request is now possible for organizations that are connected on Stripe Connect! Giving pages may now be set that gifts received through the giving page be set as Donation, Event Ticket, or Membership.

⭐ Update to emails being sent through DonorDock from a free domain. Emails sent through DonorDock from a free domain (such as gmail.com, yahoo.com, msn.com) are extremely prone to being recognized as spam by the recipient. To help combat this issue, DonorDock has implemented a feature that when sending an email through DonorDock, if the Send From Contact is using a free email address, the email will show as being sent from noreply@donordock.com to help ensure deliverability. If a contact were to reply to the email sent, the reply will be sent to the Send From email address.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Corrected issue with Spouse Date of Birth not showing in reports when the Spouse Date of Birthday was added to the report.

🐜 Fixed bug with marketing lists not generating on draft email after clicking "Send Email" from a report or marketing list.

🐛 Corrected issue where saving a contact report would not save the new report.

🐞 Updated Fund order on giving page so will appear in alphabetical order after default fund.

🐜 Fixed bug where Donor Comments on a giving page were not being listed on the gift record.

🐛 Corrected issue where "Include Do Not Solicit" was not being included in saved report filters.

🐞 Fixed issue with reports loading or showing 0 out 0 results when opening custom saved report.