🎉 Product Updates 🎉

New Features & Enhancements

⭐ Fields for Honoree and Dedication Contact added to Online Giving. Donors making a gift in honor or memory of a person on an online giving may now fill out additional optional fields of information about who the tribute is for and who should be notified of the tribute. These fields are informational and do not send any automated notification to the dedication contact.

⭐ Donor Portal added for Stripe Connect. Your Recurring Online Donors may now view, update, or cancel their recurring payment information themselves. This donor portal link may be found at the bottom of all your giving pages for your Donors to see, and the link may also be found under Online Giving Global Configuration settings for easy sharing.

⭐ Additional Payment options available for DonorDock Subscription. When entering and/or editing your billing information in DonorDock, you may now elect to pay via card or ACH. You may also now easily update the billing information listed for your organization.

⭐ Tracked Statistics for dropped and bounced emails. The summary details page for bulk marketing emails will now include Dropped statistics in addition to the bounced statistic. Dropped emails are emails that were not sent due to previous hard bounces. Viewing an email activity details page will show the details of a bounce or drop.

⭐ Ability to edit the giving page that a gift is tracked. When setting up and editing a gift, the option will appear to track the gift to a DonorDock Online Giving page so the gift will appear tracked to the giving page amount and goal.

⭐ Clicking on Stripe transaction ID on gift details page will redirect to Stripe transaction page. When viewing a gift details page, if the gift was made through Stripe, clicking on the transaction ID will open the gift record in Stripe.

⭐ Increased visibility on Donor covering processing fees. When viewing a gift, you may now see if the donor has opted to cover the processing fee, and when running a gift report, you may add the column for Donor Processing fees as a True/False column filter so you may see on reports those who opted to cover the fee.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Corrected issue with past due actions not appearing correctly on the action board for completion.

🐜 Resolved issue with template buttons being distorted and not displaying all button text when the email was being opened in Microsoft Outlook

🐛 Fixed issue with ACH being offered as a payment option when the Stripe account does not accept ACH due to country restrictions

🐞 Corrected Issue where campaign and fund information was not being created on a gift record for recurring payments

🐜 Fixed issue with new user count being incorrect for new subscriptions

🐛 Corrected issue with payment type filters being automatically applied to gift reports

🐞 Fixed unauthorized error on login page

🐜 When a campaign, appeal, fund, or giving page has been deleted, the link associating a gift to the deleted page is now removed to prevent error

🐛 Improved Import optimization to speed up slow downs being experienced in larger import files

🐞 Corrected column filter option issue for Total Soft Credits and Total Gifts and Pledges on Contact Reports

🐜 Fixed issue with decimal points not being accepted in preset giving amounts.