🎉 Product Updates 🎉

New Features & Enhancements

⭐ Apple Pay is now available for Online Giving Pages. Online Giving pages that are connected with Stripe Connect will offer Apple Pay if the device the donor is on is one of the supported devices. For more information on the devices that support Apple Pay, please see the Apple Pay article below.

⭐ Enhanced Administrator control over Team Member Management. The additional options provide administrators with the ability to resend invitations to team members who have not yet logged in, update the email address on team members who have not yet logged in, edit the name of team members, and allow the administrator to see the timestamp of the team members first log in.

⭐ Additional Team Member allotments for Starter Subscription level. With the introduction of our Free Tier subscription in mid-October, for added support and flexibility with the Starter Subscription, organizations that are subscribed to the Starter level may now have up to 5 Team Members (up from 1) on their DonorDock account.

⭐ Job Title now available on list view when viewing Individual Contacts linked to an Organization when on the Organization Record. When on an Organization Details page, the ability to view the Job Title of each contact without leaving the Organization page has been added.

⭐ Donor Portal URL Merge Tag added to Templates. The merge {{organization.stripe_donor_portal_url}} has been added to both Marketing and Transactional Templates. If the Donor in question has given through Online Giving, the link to view their subscriptions will be populated when utilizing this merge tag.

⭐ URL may be now be linked to Logo elements in Templates. When setting a Logo on your templates in DonorDock, you may now add a URL so that clicking on the Logo will redirect to the URL of your choice.

⭐ Confirmation pop up added to the Unsubscribe process. When a contact clicks the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of a marketing email, the contact will now be prompted to confirm they wish to unsubscribe to help prevent accidental unsubscribes.

Bug Fixes

🐞 Corrected issue with a Giving Page Featured Image not responding as expected when viewed on a Mobile Device.

🐜 Fixed problem with date merge tags (current date and gift date), not correctly populating and prompting error.

🐛 Fixed bug where spaces in the Billing Name entered on a donation with a Giving Page was affecting the First Name/Last Name fields from being correctly populated on new Contact records in DonorDock.

🐞 Corrected issue where bulk printing letter receipts through receipts was not updating the Receipt Sent value to True.

🐜 Fixed bug when updating a Pledged gift from Pledged to Received status.