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Sending Individual Emails through DonorDock

While you will likely send emails in batches, you can also create individual emails and send individual contacts by creating a "Send Email" activity for the contact.

When creating the "Send Email" activity in DonorDock, you are actively sending the email at the time you create the activity. If you wish to log an email already sent, this would be completed using the "Log Email" activity option.

Fields to select when creating a Send Email Activity:

  • Send to. The contact that you are sending the email to. The email will be send to the contact's primary email address.

  • Send from. The sender will default to you as the one creating the activity. If you need the email to be from a different user from your organization, you may select a different user.

  • Email Subject. The subject of the email as it will appear on the contact's activity timeline and the email subject seen by the contact.

  • Use Template (toggle). If using a template, you will click the toggle to turn on and the Email Message field will disappear and instead you will be asked to select the template you wish to send. The only Templates that can be used for this activity are Marketing Templates. Transactional templates would be sent as receipts.

  • Email Message. If not using a Template, here is where you can type the body of the email you are sending to your contact. Simple text formatting options will be available for use at the top of the message box.

  • Campaign. Campaign (if any) the email activity is associated with.

  • Appeal. Appeal (if any) the email activity is associated with.

Can I send an Image or Attachment in a One-off Email from DonorDock?

No, this is not functionality that in DonorDock as attachments greatly impact the deliverability of the email and increase the odds that the email will be flagged as spam by the recipient.

However, you can create a personal email from your inbox with the content, images, etc. that you wish and track the email activity back to a contact's record in DonorDock.