Signup Forms Overview

DonorDock has an internal form system that you can leverage for things like newsletters, general interest forms, volunteer interest forms, etc.  

New contacts that complete the form will be created in DonorDock, and existing contacts will be updated.

Signup forms can be added to your website with a link or embedded into your site with an embed code.

When a contact has responded to a signup form, they will be created as a Prospect contact in DonorDock (if they are not already in your contacts) and will be added to the Marketing Lists for the areas of interest they indicate on the Signup Form.

When creating the signup form, you can list multiple marketing lists to be listed on the Signup form and each one that is checked by the contact when they are completing the form, will be signed up for that Marketing List.

Examples of common marketing lists to be used on Signup forms:

  • Newsletter

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Direct Mail Marketing