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Viewing Available Outreach Emails

DonorDock classifies emails as either Marketing or Transactional.

Marketing emails are used when sending bulk communications through the Outreach tool or individual emails created with the Send Email activity.

Transactional emails are sent in response to donations, such as a receipt or an annual contribution statement. Transactional emails do not count towards your monthly email allotment.

Monthly Outreach (Marketing) Emails are based on your subscription level. If you need more, you can purchase add-ons for your DonorDock subscription. Monthly emails are used first, and additional ones roll over each month.

View Current Available Emails
  1. Navigate to Outreach at the top of DonorDock

  2. Select Emails

  3. Next to the header Bulk Emails, the number of emails currently available will be highlighted in blue

    • To view a breakdown of your available emails, click the question mark at the end of your available email count

    • A box will come up displaying the itemized email counts for the current month, including:

      • Monthly Email: the base amount of emails given by your subscription

      • Sent Emails: the total amount of emails already sent this month

      • Additional Emails: Additional emails purchased in addition to your subscription emails

      • Scheduled Emails: Emails that have been created and are scheduled to be sent at a later point

      • Available Emails: Sum total of available emails to send

🙋🏽‍♀️ Do dropped emails count against my monthly email limit?

Yes, Dropped emails continue to be counted in your monthly email quota. These emails are not labeled as dropped until after an initial attempt to send them, at which point we receive feedback from the email server that the email sent could not be completed due to a previous bounce. Consequently, dropped emails will still be considered part of your monthly plan's email allocation.

🙋🏼‍♂️ Can I delete dropped emails in bulk from contact records?

Currently, there is not a way to bulk delete emails (or other select information from contacts); however, what you can do is create a new marketing list based on the last send.

  1. Navigate to Outreach > Emails > Sent Emails

  2. Click to view the most recent sent email

  3. Once on the email summary page, you may click to view the group email report

  4. Scroll over on the right to the column for dropped emails and click the filter icon (looks like a funnel)

  5. Select to filter all activities that are False for the dropped value. This will filter out all dropped contacts on the report

  6. Click the Add button at the top of the report to add the remaining contacts to a new, updated marketing list

Once all contacts have been added to the new list, you may delete the old list by navigating to Contacts > Contact Lists and clicking the trash can icon next to the old list. This will remove the Marketing List from all contacts tagged on the list.